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Tax Return Supplements are

If you are not sure which tax schedules you need to complete the info below may be of some help - it also states what documentation we need to complete the schedule.



If you are/were employed (on a full-time, part-time or casual basis), if a director, office holder, agency worker etc please provide your P45/P60 and if applicable PIID


Share Schemes

If you have been granted a share option, or exercised a share option in connection with your employment and too many more share options to mention here - please provide all the paperwork.


Self Employment

If you carried on a trade, profession, or vocation as a self-employed person we require sight of your books, bank statements, etc. Or if you wish you can provide a trial balance (which must balance) along with a profit and loss and balance sheet.



If you carried on a trade, profession, or vocation in partnership with one or more other persons - the details we require are same as for self-employed.


Land and Property

If you received income from UK land and property including - furnished holiday lettings, furnished accommodation in your only or main home - provide as much detail as possible (unless you provide services such as meals and your activities amount to a trade, in which case the details required are as for self-employment.


Capital Gains

if you disposed of a chargeable assets in the year to 5 April 2003 worth more than ?15,00 or your total chargeable gains were more than 7,500 or you want to claim an allowable capital loss, or make any other capital gains claim or election for the year this is the form to use.
After receiving details we will:
1. calculate the gain, if any,
2. advise on the amount of tax to pay and when
3. complete the tax form for you if necessary
4. advise on when is the best time, within the next 10 years, to dispose of the asset and thereby saving up to thousands of pounds in tax.

If you have disposed of any asset or would like to know what the tax would be if you disposed of the asset and when the best time to do it would be (to save heaps of tax) drop us an email giving as much detail as possible. There is a small fee for this service.


Inheritance Tax

Most of us are going to leave behind an Inheritance Tax liability on our own or from our spouse or parents etc. It's not un-common for the tax liability runs in to thousands of pounds if not hundreds of thousands of pounds. In many cases this liability can be substantially reduced by forward planning.
By providing details of all assets etc we can:
1. calculate the tax due, if any, on a chargeable estate
2. if forward planning is required we would advise on the current tax due and then suggest ways to reduce the tax liability.
For further details please telephone or email.


Trusts etc

This form if you were a beneficiary of a trust or settlement, or were a settlement whose income is deemed to be yours, or had income from the estate of a deceased person - we would advise on what documentation was needed.



Any overseas pensions or benefits, or income from foreign companies, or savings institutions, or income from offshore funds or trusts abroad, or income from land property abroad, or any royalty income from overseas - provide all necessary paperwork


Non Residence etc

Not resident in the UK, not ordinarily resident in the UK etc.




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